Open Thanksgiving Day & Weekend!
(Closed on some holidays)
Open 7 Days a Week
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


$6.00 Adults 
$6.00 Children 
$5.40 Senior Citizens 
 Children 23 months old and under are free
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Pony Ride Information: We take the utmost responsibility and care in making sure that your child is safe while riding our ponies. Ponies can easily become agitated and sometimes tired due to weather, being over worked, or just from their aches and pains that we maybe cannot see. If our staff members see the pony becoming upset then pony rides will be suspended. Hence, there is no guarantee that pony rides will be available for you when you arrive here. For more information on equine law please click on the following link: Equine Activity Liability Act 

Thanks University of Michigan Depression Center for having the Defeat Depression Dash on October 24th! Congratulations to everyone who came out for the event!
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Phone Number:
Office: (734) 998-0182