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Animal: Pigs

  • Female pigs that have not yet had a litter are called gilts. Female pigs that have farrowed at least once are called sows.
  • Intact male pigs are called boars.
  • Castrated male pigs are called barrows or stags.
  • Baby pigs are called piglets.
  • Gestation length for pigs is about 114 days (3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days).
  • Birthing is known as farrowing.
  • Domestic pigs average 10 piglets per litter.
  • The typical life span of a domestic pig is six to 10 years
  • The world record for heaviest pig was Big Bill. Big Bill was a Poland China breed that weighed 2,552 pounds in 1933.
  • Pigs do not sweat. They like to role in mud to cool off on hot days which is where they get the reputation of being a dirty animal. If they are in a cool covered place they will stay clean.
To learn more about pigs click HERE to visit the Pig page on our website or join us for one of our animal presentations.