Every year we welcome many first time visitors to The Petting Farm that have never seen farm animals, tractors and barns in person. We pride ourselves in offering an enriching environment that is fun and educational for everyone that comes here regardless of it being their first time or their 100th time. Do you remember the first time you pet a calf or hand fed a baby lamb? Those are among the numerous moments we cherish for the more than 40,000 visitors The Petting Farm saw in 2017. We believe the moment of wonder that comes from interacting with an animal leads to a memorable experience. These experiences launch a desire to understand the various roles the animals can take on and the contributions they can make to a farm.
Since 1984, we have offered our diverse community an educational venue that is entertaining to visit, but it takes funding to provide these services. Your continued support helps us generate the funds we need to feed our animals, provide proper veterinary care, as well as maintain and improve our facility. Did you know our animals receive almost $5,000 in veterinary care each year? Or that our annual cost of feed exceeds $65,000? Or that maintaining the grounds for public use can cost as much as $48,000 per year? This is why we need your help.
  • Your gift of $25.00 will feed our chickens and ducks for four days
  • Your gift of $50.00 will feed our rabbits for one week
  • Your gift of $100.00 will feed our goats for one week
  • Your gift of $250.00 will feed our sheep for two weeks
  • Your gift of $500.00 will feed our equine for ten days
  • Your gift of $1000.00 will feed our cattle for two weeks
All the animals and staff at The Petting Farm are grateful for your enthusiasm and support. Give me a call any time at 734.998.0182 if you have any questions.

$25.00 Donation
$50.00 Donation
$100.00 Donation

$250.00 Donation
$500.00 Donation
$1000.00 Donation