Interactive Farm Campaign

At the Domino’s Farms Petting Farm, we believe in the value of educating through interactive, hands-on experiences. We strive to improve the educational components of the farm and over time plan to add new interactive features throughout the property that provide new and exciting experiences and educational opportunities.

We are excited to have begun a fundraising campaign to raise up to $50,000 for the phased addition of a themed interactive area and stand-alone features. Our goal is to add a life-size milking cow, a pretend garden with a farmer’s market, and educational signage for the different species that reside at the farm. We are also excited to include a play area in this campaign. We need your help to make this possible!

Please consider helping us raise money to improve the interactive components of the Petting Farm. We are grateful for your support during our campaign and shared enthusiasm for this project.

No donation is too small or too large! Make a donation of any amount toward the general creation of our interactive farm.

If you prefer to donate toward a specific feature of our interactive farm, select the donate button below to choose the area of our project you would like your donation to contribute towards.

Campaign Goals

Pretend Play Features

$17,000 Farm House

$5,000 Play Garden

Play garden, rubber mulch, play vegetables and gardening tools

$3,500 Farmer's Market

Farmer's market structure, food and containers

Educational Signage

$3,500 Livestock

Informational signs on various species that reside at the farm and their key characteristics

$500 Specialty Crops

Informational signs on crops that are used for food or medicine

$500 Major Commodities

Informational signs on the major agricultural commodities and their key uses

Additional Features

$10,000 Life Size Milking Cow

A hand painted life size fiberglass milking cow that moos, tells facts about cattle and can be "milked"
The images included on this page are examples of the features we want to create at the farm. Actual features created may vary from the images shown above.