• All "cows" are female. Male cattle are bulls or steers. Baby cattle are called calves.

  • Cattle normally stay in groups called herds.

  • Cattle are commonly referred to as "cows."

  • Cattle are large mammals with two-toes or cloven hooves

  • Gestation length for cows is 280 days (40 weeks).

  • New born calves are normally up and walking with in 30 minutes of birth.

  • Average lifespan for cattle is 18 to 22 years.

  • Worldwide there are over 800 recognized breeds of cattle.

  • There are over 1 billion cattle in the world. They are found on every continent except Antarctica.

  • In India cattle are considered sacred and are allowed to roam freely. There are over 300 million cattle in India.

  • Dairy cows produce more than 90% of the worlds milk supply.

  • There are over 9.2 million dairy cows being milked at 110,000 dairy farms in the United States. 99% of these dairy farms are family owned and operated.

  • Cow milk is used to make butter, cream, ice cream, and cheese.

  • Cattle can go up stairs but not down.

  • Depending on the breed of cattle, both male and females can have horns.

  • Cattle can run up to 35 miles per hour.

  • Cattle have an excellent sense of smell. They can smell things 5 miles away.

  • Cattle can see color.

  • Cattle naturally thick skin and hair protect them from the cold in winter months.

  • Cattle have 32 teeth but no upper front teeth.

  • Cattle are herbivores. Their diet consists of grass, hay, plants and grain.

  • Cattle have one stomach with four compartments. The rumen, reticulum, omasum and the abomasum.

  • Cattle are ruminants which means they are cud chewing mammals. Cattle will spend up to eight hours each day chewing cud.

  • Cattle don't bite grass. Instead they use their long tongues to rip it off, ball it up into bolus and swallow it nearly whole. In the rumen compartment of their stomach, enzymes and bacteria will breakdown the bolus to be regurgitated as cud.

  • Cattle drink approximately 35 gallons of water each day.

  • Cows will use their tongues to lick their new born calf dry. This also helps stimulation circulation and respiration in the new calf.

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