History of the Farm

In 1925, the Zeeb family built a working farm in Ann Arbor. Their property and buildings were purchased by Thomas S. Monaghan in the early 1980's to make way for the large office complex that would be the home of his pizza empire. Mr. Monaghan named the new establishment "Domino's Farms."

Wanting to honor the property's history, Mr. Monaghan hired staff to create a farm-themed activity center for families. The Petting Farm opened its doors in 1984 at Domino's Farms. In 1989, as construction of the office complex progressed, the Zeeb barn was moved across the road to its current location. Twenty acres were allocated for the site and the Zeeb barn became a shelter for animals once more.

In 1996 The Petting Farm became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We now rely on the support of our patrons and sponsors as well as donations to keep our facility open to the public. The Petting Farm is a symbol of our appreciation and commitment to the agriculture industry and the traditional farm values that are evident in our culture. It serves as a historical tribute to the farmers who lived in the area and developed the agribusiness we have today.