Bees Arrive 2016

The Petting Farm has live bees in our Pole Barn for the 2016 season. You can view the inner workings of the lives of bees inside our observation hive as well as watch from outside as the bees leave their home to pollinate the flowers around the farm. They are fascinating to watch and its always fun to learn about how they work whether you're young or old!

We picked up our new bees and suited up in beekeeper uniforms to relocate them into their new hive inside our Pole Barn. To transport the bees safely, we sprayed sugar water for them to eat. The bees were so busy eating the delicious sugar water while they crawled over their hands that they could be put safely in the hive without anyone being hurt. Bees can actually get so full that they can't sting!

Be on the lookout for a bee that has a larger thorax (abdomen) than the rest of them that is marked blue,she is our our queen! The queen bee is the only reproductive female in the entire hive. The other bees are very protective of her and will often cluster around her to attend her. She can lay around 3,000 eggs a day! She is very important to the health and success of the hive.