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The Petting Farm may have some animals for sale, because unfortunately we can't keep them with us forever


About Our Pigs

Our pigs are humanely raised which means they live as natural a life as we can provide. They stayed with mom until about 5 weeks old. Once they were big enough to be kept outside, we placed them in a pasture where they could run, create wallows, root in the dirt and play. We made sure they always had clean water and proper food. We also checked on them daily for any signs of disease or injuries. As they got older we added enrichment activities including toys to play with and hiding treats throughout their pasture to keep them engaged and happy.

Pork Pricing


We have some drakes (male ducks) available for purchase from The Petting Farm. Each Duck can be purchased for $15.


No honey available at this time


Request a dozen eggs at the welcome center, you may get any combination of bantam, duck and chicken eggs


None of our goats, sheep, or cows are available for purchase at this time